Holistic Physical Therapy

I loved that my physical therapist was also a dancer and Pilates instructor who understands the body and the body-mind connection. With his help I learned so much about taking care of myself. Today I am happy to be painfree.”

Susan F. / Pittsburgh

I really like how holistic he is in his treatment plan and especially appreciate the fact that it's not a physical therapy factory - you are seen by Chris one-on-one for the duration of the appointment.
Meredith B. / Pittsburgh

Our Goal is to help you return to a PAIN FREE active lifestyle.

At Healing Motion, we offer an advanced form of specialized manual therapy called Myofascial Release, or MFR. MFR is incredibly effective at eliminating pain, restoring lost movement and function, and generally increasing energy and vitality in our patient’s lives. Using Myofascial Release as part of your physical therapy is unique in treating patients with pain because we takes a whole body, or total systems approach, to evaluation and treatment of each patient.

advanced manual therapy for the whole body

Ultimately, this allows your therapist to individualize every aspect of your treatment. You receive a complete, hour-long session, customized to your specific needs and goals.

Even though we provide such exceptional value to all our patients, we can keep costs low by running a primarily cash-based practice, and accepting only a limited number of insurance plans. The end result:
our patients get better, faster, and at a much lower cost than in a traditional physical therapy practice.

patients come to us hoping to avoid surgery or reduce the amount of pain medications they take; some come after multiple surgeries that didn’t completely address their complaints and still others after disappointing results from more traditional therapy.

Fascial restrictions that develop throughout the body, create tight areas which exert abnormal pressure on pain-sensitive structures and organs, resulting in the multi-symptom pain complexes our patients usually come in with. Generally, all patients benefit from much reduced pain, restored movement and function, and renewed vitality.

We call it Healing Motion Physical Therapy and Wellness Center because we reinforce the benefits attained through Myofascial Release with the two most effective mind-body exercise systems: the
Pilates Method and a revolutionary new program called Gyrotonic. Our patients not only reduce or eliminate their pain, they breathe easier, have increased strength and flexibility, and move more easily and gracefully.

Experience the New Paradigm of Care

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