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Healing Motion Physical Therapy & Wellness Center accepts most private insurance plans, and will work with your health provider to provide reimbursement for our services whenever possible.

Healing Motion Physical Therapy & Wellness Center participates with most insurance plans. We accept:

  • Most Highmark Plans
  • Any Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans, even if out of state
  • Medicare
  • Workers Comp
  • Auto

Unfortunately, we do not accept Medicaid reimbursement or UPMC at this time. However, even if we don't accept your plan, you may still be eligible to receive reimbursement for our physical therapy services if your policy includes out-of-network physical therapy benefits. Contact your health insurance provider for your specific benefit details.

Most patients with out-of-network benefits receive 80% of their out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed directly to them. We are happy to help you fill out the claim form and provide you with documentation to speed up the processing of your claim.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Car Insurance