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Physical Therapy & Wellness Center - Pittsburgh, PA

35 Years of Excellence in Physical Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA

Healing Motion was founded by J. Christopher Potts, PT, DPT, in response to a need for comprehensive physical therapy and wellness services all under one roof. We take a total systems approach to the evaluation and treatment of each patient. That’s why we only see patients for one-on-one physical therapy for a full hour.

What Types of Physical Therapy Does Healing Motion Offer?

Healing Motion offers 4 specialized programs to help patients heal and recover from any number of pains and injuries:

Why Do Patients Choose Healing Motion?

Typically, our patients come to us with a wide variety of conditions hoping to avoid surgery or reduce the amount of pain medication they need to take. Others come after multiple surgeries that didn’t completely address their complaints, or after experiencing disappointing results from traditional physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Services

Healing Motion will customize an individualized plan of care after a thorough examination. We offer 4 specialized types of physical therapy to help restore you to the active, pain-free life you deserve.

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Physical Therapy
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Myofascial Release
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Gyrotonic Exercise
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Sports Conditioning
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We Accept Most Insurances

Healing Motion Physical Therapy & Wellness Center accepts most private insurance plans, and will work with your health provider to provide reimbursement for our services whenever possible.

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  • “Have felt like dancing since finding your site the other night! There are only five medically-related persons who have helped me in nearly 65 years -- & you are among that five....It takes a magician to teach me anything related to eye-hand coordination. YOU achieved the nearly impossible!!! Tha...

    T J. December 13, 2019
  • The combination of personal progress in Pilates training and continued improvement in physical conditioning that I achieved, motivated me to enroll in a Pilates Teacher taining program.

    A W. November 13, 2019
  • Regular Pilates strengthening exercise have enhanced my stamina and strengthened my body beyond any previous measure.

    Sandra R. November 13, 2019
  • As a long-term client, I can attest to his expertise and caring thoughtful approach.

    Monica F. November 13, 2019
  • This is my third studio, and by far the best. The staff is well trained, personable and experienced.

    Betty M. November 13, 2019
  • I loved that my physical therapist was also a dancer and Pilates instructor who understands the body and the body-mind connection. With his help I learned so much about taking care of myself. Today I am happy to be painfree.

    Susan F. November 13, 2019