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Gyrotonic Training - Pittsburgh, PA

Gyrotonic is a way to work with people that doesn't exist in other physical therapy clinics in the U.S. Unlike a workout on traditional exercise equipment, Gyrotonic exercises offer complete freedom of movement.

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Gyrotonic FAQs

What Is Gyrotonic?

Gyrotonic is a unique, fluid type of training that is based off the principles of yoga, dancing, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi. There is a strong emphasis on rotation, spiraling, motion-arching, and moving from your core. The Gyrotonic Method makes use of specially-designed equipment such as weighted pulleys, rotational discs and handles to encourage sweeping motions. 

Gyrotonic exercise equipment can be easily adjusted to fit the specific needs of an individual, making it accessible to people of virtually any age and ability. 

How is Gyrotonics Different From Yoga and Other Exercises?

Fluidity is the key. Postures are not held for long periods of time. Instead, postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, making exercises appear and feel more like a dance or swimming than like traditional yoga.

What Are The Benefits of Gyrotonic?

  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Increased balance and coordination
  • Aerobic conditioning
  • Enhances strength and flexibility
  • Rejuvenates the neuromuscular system

What Kind of Equipment Is Used for Gyrotonic?

Gyrotonic is practiced on an apparatus known as the Combination Pulley/Tower Unit. Using the apparatus, you perform movements likened to swimming, ballet, and martial arts, while the equipment provides resistance and/or support. It’s design promotes freedom of motion, allowing you to transcend the limits of weight-bearing positions with no impact on the joints, much like exercising in water. At the same time, you will be developing the internal strength necessary for creating a healthy, toned, injury-free body.

Performed on the Combination Pulley/Tower unit, the system is fully adjustable and can meet the needs of people with varying body types and levels of strength. Even and constant resistance in the handle unit and pulley tower, (through the triple reduction in the pulleys), completely eliminates the jarring that takes place at the beginning and end of exercises performed on conventional exercise equipment, when many injuries occur. The circular, spiraling and undulating movements that characterize the Gyrotonic Expansion System help to increase the functional capacity of the spine, contributing to a spherical and three-dimensional awareness, resulting in increased equilibrium.

What is Gyrokinesis?

Gyrokinesis is the non-equipment component of the Gyrotonic exercise. Using a simple stool and a mat, you follow a rhythmic sequence of exercises designed to facilitate a complete unfolding of your entire body. The class has three distinctive parts: 

  • Awakening the Body for Movement - a series of techniques you do for yourself to tonify vital pressure points and stimulate the nervous system from the outside in. 
  • Exercising your spine in every direction - this creates warmth and flexibility from the inside out. 
  • Cultivating strength in the core and upper body - this also helps develop suppleness in the muscles and joints of the legs.